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Leave a Lasting Impression from the Start


Whether you are looking for a memorable baby shower gift to celebrate the arrival of a new loved one or you are looking to wow potential customers during your next product launch or corporate event, every item we create is designed to leave a lasting impression. Our team of dedicated craftswomen combine our creativity and experience with state of the art machinery, the highest quality threads, and innovative software solutions to produce the best stitched products on the market. 


Machinery you ask? Well, here at PSM we’re pretty proud of our equipment. Our state-of-the-art Melco machines are not your run of the mill sewing machine. As the best of the best, Melco allows us to create flexible designs with exact precision and attention to detail. Likewise, our STAHLS' Hotronix® Heat Presses are proudly made in the USA and born from the specific requirements of Heat Print Technology™. Since the 1980s, Hotronix® has been taking the guesswork out of heat application and today they continue to engineer the world’s best-selling heat presses and accessories.

Made in the USA and stitched with love, when you place an order with PSM, you can rest assured knowing that your project is carefully crafted to perfection and stitched with love from our family to yours.


How it All Began

It’s All in the Family

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Prior to taking over the company in 2018, creative designer and owner Bernadette Davila was tired of working in medical sales. Sure, it paid the bills but it simply didn’t bring her joy. Although embroidery and monogramming had always been Bernadette’s passion, it wasn’t until she decided to take over PSM with her family that she truly understood the joy of doing what you love. It wasn’t work, it was fun! Best of all, she would embark on this journey with her family.


Purple Stitch Monogramming is more than a team, it’s literally a family. Together with her 93-year-old grandmother (aka ‘Granners’), her cousin Patty, Aunt Pat, and Aunt Cynthia, they embarked on a journey that has grown into a successful company creating designs for companies and individuals all over the country. 


Thank you to everyone who continues to support the PSM team on their journey to creating fun, personalized, and attention grabbing embroidered designs. We look forward to stitching for you!

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