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Prefer the ease of elastic bands but can't quite get the right fit? Our adjustable masks offer the best of both worlds. Ideal for warm-weather activities, Purple Stitch Monogramming's washable masks are made from 100% cotton fabric to help keep you cool and dry.

Monogrammed Face Mask

  • Our handmade adult face masks are created from 100% Premium Cotton Fabrics. They’re all reusable, washable, and adjustable for maximum comfort. Our masks are comprised of a 2 layer construction with the option to insert a filter in the back for maximum protection.  Nosewire is included.  

    Other information:

    • All masks are washable and reusable

    • NOT to be used as a direct substitute for N95, surgical, or procedural masks.

    • NOT FDA approved.

    • Recommended for going to public spaces such as banks, grocery stores, transit, etc. as recommended by the CDC.

    • Item is NON-RETURNABLE

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